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12V Car Essential Oil Diffuser/Freshner - FREE SHIPPING

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Portable mini 12v auto Ionic car air Aromatherapy essential oil diffuser/freshener


Simply plug them into their car charger for a dose of calm and serenity — perfect for those long summer road trips or warding off road-rage!

These are small and lightweight, and if you spend any amount of time commuting, then YOU need this Car Oil Diffuser.



Working Voltage: DC 12V

Working Current: 130mA-150mA

Power: 1.5W-2W

Water tank capacity: 50ML

spray amount: 25ML / hour

Essential Oils NOT included.



The filter must be completely wet.

Do Not lose the Spring. If the spring is lost, the diffuser will not work.

Please use Water soluble oil. Pure essential oil may block the atomizer.

This product can be used only when the car engine is started.

Please DO NOT use the humidifier/diffuser when there is not enough water in the tank

Keep out of reach of children.

When the product is not being used, please detach it, pour out all the liquid, and store it in a cool, dry place.


How to Use ?

1). Take off the filter - 2). Make the filter completely wet - 3). add water into water tank - 4). add 1-3 drops water-solubility oil , or don’t add - 5). install the humidifier - 6). wait for 5 minutes - 7). connect with 5V electric - 8). turn on.


Available Colors:  1. Pink, 2. Purple, 3. Green, 4. Blue,


Packing: 1 x retail packaging

1 X Humidifier/Diffuser

1 X Sponge (spare parts)

1 X User Manual


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